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Charles (Chazke) PESELNICK was born about 1877 (most likely in Tolochin in Mogilev province).  He married Beckie (Basha) GUTKOWITZ (daughter of Meyer GUTKOWITZ and Mira) about 1901 in Tolochin.  Charles was in the Czar's army in Russia (which generally meant a forced 25 year term).  He escaped Russia in 1904 after 4 years in the army when the Russo-Japanese war started (a war which Russia lost with high casualties).  He first went to London and soon thereafter to the U.S.  Beckie and their two children arrived in London where they stayed for about a year or so before leaving for the U.S.

1904 and 1906 Ship Passenger Records:

Charles Peselnick 7/18/1904 Ship Passenger Record Bessie Peselnick 5/13/1906 Ship Passenger Record

Charles immigrated on the S.S. St. Louis sailing from Southampton, England, on 7/9/1904 arriving in New York City on 7/18/1904.  He was shown as a married 27 year old tailor named Chazke whose last residence was in London, originally from Mohylew (i.e., Mogilev).  Charles was in possession of $20 and was enroute to his cousin (Chalkluisky?) at 145 Clinton St., NYC.  Beckie immigrated on the S.S. Umbria sailing from Liverpool, England, on 5/5/1906 arriving in New York City on 5/13/1906.  She was shown as a 25 year old housewife named Betsy, originally from Moleff (i.e., Mogilev), enroute to her husband C. Peselnick, 198 Henry St., NYC.  She was accompanied by their two children--3 year old Myer and infant Hyman.  

1910 Federal Census:

Charles Peselnick 1910 Census Close-Up Charles Peselnick 1910 Census Full Page

The 1910 Census showed Charles, 30, and Rebecca, 30, with 3 children--Meyer, 7, Hyman, 5, and Jacob, 2.  Charles and Rebecca were shown as married 8 years.  Charles was a finisher in a clothing shop.  The family lived at 157 Riverdale Ave. in Brooklyn. 

According to a family account, the family had moved from the lower east side in Manhattan in 1909 to the suburbs, i.e., to Riverdale Ave. in Brownsville (a section in Brooklyn).  At that time, the family lived in the last house on the block, not far from a dairy farm.  Charles was working in a clothing factory on the lower east side to which he traveled by the elevated line.  The family then moved to nearby Hopkinson Ave. (now known as Thomas S. Boyland St.) where Charles opened a tailor shop with living quarters in the back. 

1920 Federal Census:

Charles Peselnick 1920 Census Close-Up Charles Peselnick 1920 Census Large

The 1920 Census showed Charles and Beckie, 38, with 4 children--Meyer, 17, Hyman, 15, Jacob, 12, & Esther, 3 2/12.  The family lived at 575 Stone Ave. (now known as Mother Gaston Blvd.) in Brooklyn.  Charles was a tailor in his own shop and Meyer was a packer in a dry goods shop. 

1930 Federal Census:

Charles Peselnick 1930 Census Full Page

The 1930 Census showed Charles, 50, and Bessie, 50, (married for 22 years) with 3 children--Meyer, 27, Joseph, 23, and Esther, 13.  The family lived at 616 Stone Ave. (which they owned at a cost of $10,000) in Brooklyn.  Charles was shown as a cleaner in a cleaning store, Meyer as a bookkeeper in a butcher shop, and Joseph as a commercial traveler in radio parts. 

Charles died on 6/17/1958, shortly after Beckie, who died on 4/24/1958.


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